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Use our flexible vacuum truck rental for your next project in Adelaide. 

At J and B, we understand that projects change, and you may only need your service locator or sucker truck hire for a short period.


If so, we can help.


We tailor flexible hire packages to suit our clients' needs, and they're an affordable way to ensure that you have all the tools and equipment you need on hand to complete your project without going over your budget.

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Vacuum Excavation hires in Adelaide at a moments notice.


At J and B Service, we are the leaders in providing vacuum truck hire for trenching development and sewer pipe cleaning projects throughout the entire of Adelaide.


Our vacuum trucks are verified to have easily completed a wide array of earthworks projects.


No matter your requirements, our machine can help you get even the hardest of projects done!


With daily maintenance and servicing to our vacuum trucks, our suckers are ready when you are.


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We love priding ourselves on offering a non-destructive digging solution for all projects you have.


We don't focus on just the one-time-hire, we focus on offering the best vacuum trucks service in Adelaide, so that we can make a really good relationship with you long term!

Together with our expert vacuum truck operators, we will ensure that your project is completed with efficiency and in the timeframe you require.


If you’re looking for efficient, reliable and top-rated vacuum truck solutions in Adelaide, then we have the perfect vacuum trucks for your project. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Vacuum Truck Hiring In Adelaide

We created a quick list of all the information you might need about vacuum trucks in Adelaide below. Enjoy getting informative and transparent information from Aussies that care about locals in Adelaide!

What is a Vacuum Truck in Adelaide?

Vacuum trucks are specific trucks that contain multiple tanks to store and transport liquids from one location to another.

The trucks also contain a pump to both suck and extrude these liquids. 

These trucks are mainly found and used in the construction, earthworks, cleaning and excavation industries.

Vacuum trucks are versatile pieces of machinery that are becoming more common in Australian projects, especially in Adelaide.

One of the most coolest things about a vacuum truck is a service called hydro excavation that is used to remove dirt and solids from areas using a special technique that utilises pressurized air and water mixed together to turn the soil into a form that can then be sucked away and disposed of.


This process has become a common form of excavation for repairing utilities without digging up the surrounding area to access it.

This is why vacuum trucks are so popular in Adelaide now, because they make many jobs super easy.

What can I use a Vacuum Truck in Adelaide for though?

Vacuum trucks have multiple uses ranging from non-destructive digging to high-pressure cleaning.


Some of the more popular uses include: transporting liquid materials, sludge, removing liquids, gutters, telco pits and grease traps, cleaning blocked drains, cleaning conduit and post hole blockages, and underground locations.

Are you ready to hire a vacuum truck in Adelaide for your next project?

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